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Analyze with drawings and comments

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MOVE 'N TUBE: your sport video platform

Whether it's for hosting your sport videos, sharing them, or use video analysis tools , MOVE 'N TUBE is the one and only platform for your sport videos!

Store and share your videos with full privacy management: everyone, a list of people or just you

Enrich the video with drawings and comments

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your videos easily with your teammates, yout students or coach, friend and more!

Control who accesses your videos


list of friends

only me

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Annotate your videos with drawings and comments for a more impactful debriefing

Use drawing tools, write down remarks/notes on some sequences, enjoy the time-lapse or slow-motion effect

they use MOVE 'N TUBE

Track & Field Coach

I do a lot of videos and I need something very simple and affordable to store them and share them with my athletes, and not with their competitors.

Soccer Player

One hour after the game, I receive an e-mail with a link from our coach. I click and I can watch his 10min analysis of the major achievements and the main targets for progress.


Thanks to MOVE 'N TUBE, my coach sends me videos of my training sessions. Adding drawings and comments is very useful to correct my mistakes and understand the new postures. It helps me to progress faster.

Basket Coach

I like the ability to quickly analyze an attacking pattern with drawings. And I can share it immediately with the team right after the game. They can watch it on their phone just after the shower!


I share my training videos with my coach (and no one else), he adds comments, drawings, and I can review my rides and follow my progress throughout the year.

Tennis player

After a tournament I post one or two videos, my coach reviews them with audio comments, a few drawings, and instructions for the next trainings. It's a powerful tool when you cannot be with your coach very often.

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